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Volvo 440 turbo

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Volvo 440 turbo

Post by MartinWalker83 on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:45 pm

Rite then so here goes,here is my build thread for my volvo 440 turbo from start to present day.
Spec as it is atm(will update list as and when)

straight through exhaust
induction kit
de restricted ecu(boost limit removed)
boost up'd to 12psi(atm as not long had a new clutch)
uprated clutch
740 turbo injectors
17" tsw pace alloys done in white
uprated brake pads front and rear
lowered about 35-40mm (mk4 golf rear coilovers,cut front springs)
tinted front lights
raised bonnet
stripped interior(bucket seats fitted up front)
rear strut brace
pioneer head unit
uprated front and rear speakers
here is a few photos the day after i got the car,only put stickers on at this point.

Now when i got the car it was dam dirty,the paint looked and felt as if it had never been looked after in its life so decided to give it a dam good clean.

Rear badges removed

these cars have vinyl on the roof trim and this was all ripped and pealed off so got some black vinyl and re wrapped these.

i decided it would look a hell of a lot better and cleaner without the rub strips on the sides of the car so set about removing these and then mopped the whole car.

next on the to do list was fly eye the front lights and then remove and smooth the front headlight washers.

then painted the grill black

Then this was how it looked for the time being

i then got hold of some 17" kei wheels in black,and lowered the car about 35-40mm on mk4 golf rear coilovers and cut a coil off the fronts.
also added some small arch extensions that i wrapped and wrapped the spoiler to match,and sprayed the skirts white to match the car

it stayed like this for a few months untill i got bored again and decided on these

and wanted a big gay wing aswell

then got some old skool tsw pace alloys in 17" and sprayed them white,raised the bonnet and stripped the front seats out and fitted 2 bucket seats and harness.

and thats how the car sits atm.

ive got to rolled the arch under the arch extensions and fit my spacers front and rear to bring the wheels out and finish off the big front splitter and get that fitted within the next 2 weeks before fast show.

yeah the cars rough,its not to everyones taste but then again i dont care,i did these mods cus i wanted to.so comments good or bad im not fussed.

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